NM-MVH Summer Trail Rides
All welcome come join us for these unusual
rides and picnics

All Rides $25.00 adults / $15.00 juniors
$15.00 picnic only

New Market-Middletown Valley Hounds would like to thank everyone who makes our summer trail ride season such a success. The hosts make each event possible, but there are many helping hands along the way, and many unnamed landowners over whose property we ride whose support of equestrian sport is greatly appreciated by all involved. In addition to these exciting rides we may add a few more, as hosts express an interest -- especially for those crucial weeks in August leading up to cub hunting. Updates will be posted on the website Events page with details here on the Trail Ride page check back often! The hunt will also update the monitor at 301-371-4081 with any last minute details regarding events. Please call the monitor to keep track of changes.

Get your Season Pass at the first Trail Ride and Save at least 50% on the All our Rides this Summer.


The hunt offers a season pass that entitles the bearer to attend all rides. The Pass costs $100.00 for adults and $50.00 for juniors. Please come out, have fun, and bring guests to introduce them to the sport, and to our territory. If you can't ride, come on out to the picnic associated with each trailride event. Last minute details 301-371-4081 club monitor and our facebook page NM-MVH
Date Location Host
July 27 Wright Farm, Downsville, MD Wright Family
August 25 Windward Farm, Shepherdstown, WV Byron Family


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