A Few Words about
New Market Middletown Valley Hounds

NM-MVH is a club dedicated to the fine old field sport of fox chasing. We hunt fox on horseback with hounds Sundays and Thursdays -- from September through March. We are privileged to hunt over some of the most beautiful lands in Catoctin Mountain range and Potomac River basin. Braddock and South Mountains as well as some open farm lands within the watersheds of the Monocacy and Potomac Rivers and many of their tributaries. Shod horses are recommend as we do encounter some rocky terrain.

We hunt in Frederick and Washington Counties in Maryland and portions of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties in West Virginia. We hunt on private properties by the gracious invitation of our many landowners. In deference to them and the traditions of our sport we wear formal hunting attire.

" To horse and away
To the heart of the fray!
Fling care to the Devil
for one merry day!"

Handy, hardy clever horses are well suited to our hunt country. Our territory is paneled by us with wooden coops, log jumps and a few old stone walls allowing hounds and field to traverse the varied terrain that makes up our territoty and our many and
diverse fixtures.

Club members enjoy each others company through out the
Our territory is very challenging with the steep wooded foothills of Sugarloaf mountain and to the northwest the ridges and slopes of year with our many club sponsored hound / horse
events and social activities.

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