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FAQs about Clay Shoots

Q: How many contestants make a team?
A: A team requires four (4) participants

Q: Do you need to be a member of a hunt club to participate in this event?
A: No. The event is open to all; only in the Fox hunters Challenge competition is hunt club membership required

Q: How many hunt club members are required for a Foxhunters Challenge Team?
A: Two (2) is the minimum, though we are not asking for proof of membership, and will go on good faith that this guideline is followed.

Q: Can a person compete as a team AND as an individual?
A: YES.  (And each member of a team is also automatically entered as an individual.)

Q: Is there an age limit for participation?
A: No. Competitors under the age of 18 must have their liability waiver signed by a responsible adult.

Q: Can you register the day of the event?
A: YES. We really prefer pre-registration for the purpose of providing our host for both the shoot and the after party with a correct head count.

Q: Is there a rain date for the event?
A: No. This is a rain or shine event.

Q: Will guns and ammunition be provided at the event?
A: You must provide your own firearm and ideally you should bring your own ammunition, though we will have shells on sale for a fee, for those in need.

Q: Do I have to shoot all 100 clays?
A: You may return at any time with an unfinished score card, however to be eligible for an award you must  turn in a COMPLETED score card from all stations. 



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